Freelance ethnographer, researcher & consultant

Human-centered Design Research
by Jacob Langvad Nilsson

Customer-driven market research identifies the needs of real people and connects companies with their customers by recommending actionable insights

Untapped potential can be found in every market. Whether your company is looking to expand into emerging markets or find a niche in a crowded one, ground-level research that connects your designers and engineers to real people in culturally relevant ways makes the difference between a good product or service, and a great one.

Our team of anthropologists, sociologists and visual ethnographers takes a hands-on, ground level approach to human-centered design research, engaging customer in their home environment to discern their customs and preferences, and anticipate their needs.

By combining social science, documentation and critical thinking, our ethnographers deliver strategic business recommendations that are actionable and engaging. We always keep an eye open for the little things: practiced skills of observation allow researchers to discover gaps in the market, recognize where innovations would be well received, and identify patterns and insights into the lives of real people.

Ethnographic research projects have taken our team into Brazil to study the football culture on behalf of Nike, a sportswear, and equipment supplier, as cultural research consultants, and the insights our team delivered upon return from their journey helped formulate future strategies for innovation for the company, and led to successful growth patterns upon implementation on a local level.

There's no shortcut to valuable research. Our team goes in on the ground level with one goal in mind: to bring back insights you can use and develop forward-thinking strategies that connect you to your customers.

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