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How to Sell in Emerging Markets

New markets can be full of potential when it comes to rapid maximizing revenue sources, but it should not be forgotten that each market is different and has its own set of unique challenges. Failure to even try to develop an understanding of the market’s local customer base is a surefire way to trip over…

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Thesis on Visual Ethnography Featuring Jacob Langvad Nilsson

A new thesis on Visual Ethnography is using Jacob Langvad Nilsson as one of the case studies. Sarah McMahon, a senior at Indiana University is currently pursuing a double degree in Neuroscience and Ethnographic Photography. The thesis titled “Ethnographic Photography” serves as a great introduction to the discipline for aspiring sociologists and anthropologists and touches…

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The Emerging Market Consumer Leads The Way

The US’s National Intelligence Council came up with a study titled “Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds”. It is surprisingly cheerful report, which is odd as intelligence agencies rarely adopt a sunny perspective on the world. While the NIC’s report does address a lot of threats; such as cyber-sabotage and nuclear holocaust, it holds firm in…

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Companies from Emerging Markets Take on Developed Countries

It was in 2009 when Mexican company Grupo Bimbo became a baking giant, as they bought part of Weston Foods for $2.3 billion. The acquisition made them the biggest baking company in US soil – a feat they topped a couple of years later when they bought Sarah Lee’s American baking operations for $960 million….

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The Growth Potential in Emerging Market Cities

The world’s economic balance is starting to tilt in the favor of the east and the south at surprising speed and scale, owing to a massive wave of migration and urbanization that is encouraging growth across the emerging world. Said wave of urbanization is expected to bring rise to less than five billion people by…

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China’s 2013 Economic Forecast

The world’s second biggest economy, China, has successfully kept its head above water as economic crisis continued to overwhelm the rest of the world. Despite the global economic slowdown, China’s economy remains steadfast even with the cautious decisions made by China’s policy makers during 2012. The economy managed stability despite getting just a fourth of…

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The New Gold Rush: Digging for Billions in Emerging Markets

One of the most important events in our modern, economic history, even surpassing the Industrial Revolution in significance, is the rise of emerging markets. Nations that used to be written off as mere consumers of international products if not bilateral foreign aid, are fast maturing, getting empowered and are starting to exercise influence over international…

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Building Brands in Emerging Markets

US and European manufacturers of fast moving consumer products (FMCG) are looking to emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and different parts of Latin America due to the slow growth at home. Many of said companies spent over $10 billion just to widen their reach over these markets, and they occupy more than 40 percent of…

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Asia’s Next Challenge is Better Social Security

In a recent issue of The Economist, an article titled “Asia’s Next Revolution” delved into trends that indicate how many Asian countries are now starting to lay down the foundations for a welfare state. The Economist article cites the key countries as Indonesia, Thailand, India, China, and the tiger economies Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and…

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India’s Manufacturing Sector Facing Challenges

Back in 1951 India’s then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru announced that India had to become industrialized, and that as fast as possible. While the politicians have done everything they could since then, including Soviet-like planning, to industrialize the country, India has yet to become a manufacturing powerhouse like China. Indians seems more willing to grow…

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Human-centered Design Research in Emerging Markets

Jacob Langvad Nilsson continues to work persistently in the cross-section between editorial photojournalism and visual ethnography, pushing the boundaries of human-centered design research to tell stories about globalization, cultural shift, and the aspirations and desires of people living in a changing world.

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