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Nike Football Culture in Latin America

We’ve completed the ethnographic research work for Nike and the result is a beautiful, 400-page book on football culture in Latin America. The research is in large part based upon visual ethnography by Jacob Langvad Nilsson. The book is a study of football culture among teens in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. The research sought to…

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‘The Brazilian Dream’ is Online

The Brazilian Dream (O Sonho Brasileiro) is the title of an extensive, qualitative study of young Brazilians. The objective for this study is to understand the generation of 18-24 year olds, including its values, dreams, and desires. This generation is the first to grow up in a hyper-connected world, and in a period of significant…

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Book Preview: The Brazilian Dream

Over the last six months I’ve been traveling throughout Brazil to photograph Brazilian youth for a new, upcoming book. ‘The Brazilian Dream’ is a portrayal of the rising new generation Brazilians, with focus on their dreams and desires. We’ve made a huge, qualitative research in four Brazilian cities; São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and…

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Minas Gerais in Progress with Webcitizen

Brazil is undergoing an enormous transformation these days. For the last 10 years it has had an annual growth in GDP of 4 pct. Traveling through the country you see with your own eyes how the country is rising from poverty and transforming into a very modern country. Forget the times with government corruption and…

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The Street Basket Culture

At BOLA Sociology Design, we’re planning to publish a printed magazine every half year. Over the past 5 months, I’ve been working on and off on the first issue which will uncover the street-basket culture in Brazil. The Street-basket culture is an interesting cultural manifestation started in North American suburbs among black youngsters. In the…

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Human-centered Design Research in Emerging Markets

Jacob Langvad Nilsson continues to work persistently in the cross-section between editorial photojournalism and visual ethnography, pushing the boundaries of human-centered design research to tell stories about globalization, cultural shift, and the aspirations and desires of people living in a changing world.

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